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Advantages of Leasing from Jim Carlson Leasing Company

Why would I lease from Jim Carlson Leasing?
Jim Carlson Leasing has been leasing new and previously owned vehicles since 1980.  We offer unmatched flexibility in our leasing options.  Leases are available from six months to four years.  The mileage allowance can be from 5,000 miles per year to 100,000 miles per year.  ZERO down leases just pay the 1st payment and license up front.

When you lease, you pay only for the portion of the vehicle that you use during the time you're driving it.  Leasing is a form a financing and is not the same as renting.  You have a choice of not making a down payment, and you pay sales tax only on your monthly payments (in most states).  The financial rate is similar to the interest on a loan. You provide the first payment and license payment up front, and at lease-end, you may either return the vehicle or purchase it from its depreciated resale value.

If you want leasing options, Jim Carlson Leasing can do it!
We can lease a vehicle for six months or four years.
We can write a lease for 5,000 miles per year or 100,000 miles per year.
Zero down leases or leases with a down payment - We can do it.
Do you want to lease a car, van, truck or suv - We can do that as well.
*Closed-end lease or *Open-end lease either works for us.

*Closed-end lease:  In a closed-end car lease, you may return the car at the end of the lease and "walk away."  However, you are still going to be responsible for certain end-of-lease charges, such as excess mileage and wear and tear above the norm.  You also have an option to purchase the car at the end of the lease.  The residual value of the car at the end of the lease had already been determined when you initially signed the lease.  If you choose, you may pay the residual value of the car and the car is yours.  This is the most popular type of car lease.

*Open-end lease:  An open-end lease should only be considered for commercial business leases.  In an open-end lease, the market value of the car is determined at the end of the lease contract.  This is then compared to the predetermined residual value of the car, and cha-ching! You pay the difference, which can be quite hefty.